Image by Mia Coelho

Image by Mia Coelho

Athena Rochelle is a Natural Light Photographer in the Houston, Texas area;  specializing in Family Portraiture with an emphasis on Women & Couples.

While always having a love for picture taking, since her youth, she officially started her Photography career in the Fall of 2010.

"Thanks to God's gentle nudging, I realized that I had a passion for creatively capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and I knew that's what I wanted to keep on doing." - Athena

Outside of Photography, Athena Rochelle spends her time taking care of her home & family.  She also enjoys reading and writing, swimming, hiking, singing and watching movies.


Why "life, love & laughter"? - These represent the 3 things I love most when capturing a photograph.

  • life: I enjoy capturing life as it happens, those raw moments that will never again be present - whether this is with people or in nature, I consider it a privilege to be able to capture these life moments and turn them into lifetime memories.
  • love: For me, there is nothing more sacred than capturing those intimate moments where a man & woman share a loving gaze or a tender touch; or the love that pours out of a new mom or dad as they nuzzle their precious newborn. Love is sacred, and I believe that by capturing it photographically it gives us something we can look upon in the times in our lives when it's difficult to remember that love - I believe that it inspires hope and brings warmth back into our hearts and allows us to dream again ♥
  • laughter: I love capturing laughter!  It's so contagious!  And it seems like the older we get, the less we laugh.  This shouldn't be so!  "A merry heart does good, like medicine" - it's healthy for us to laugh and if my images can at least bring a smile to your face then I feel like I have succeeded.